Great American Meatout Day - March 20
Wed, Mar 20, 2024

Great American Meatout Day

Great American Meatout Day is an annual American holiday celebrating a vegetarian diet. It is celebrated on March 20. It’s a day to get to know the best culinary creations without animal ingredients and try something new!


The history of the holiday begins with the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). This organization has been operating since 1976. Initially, its specialists provided consulting services on how to make a proper vegetarian diet that would allow you to feel good and give your body all the necessary nutrients.

The first Great American Meatout Day celebration took place in 1985. The day was a response to the U.S. Senate-approved “Meat Week. The vegetarians decided to unite to intensify their information campaign. In their opinion, all animals should be protected, including those used in agriculture. For this reason, giving up meat products is an important step in achieving these goals.

Interesting facts

  • Vegetarianism was used in India and Greece of ancient times. In India it was based on the philosophy of ahimsa (non-violence toward animals), while the Greeks switched to plant foods for special rituals and for medical purposes (to treat illnesses).
  • Vegans are the toughest form of vegetarianism. People give up animal products completely.
  • Eating plant foods can be good for weight loss. This speeds up the metabolism and burns fat 16% faster.

How to celebrate

Try to give up eating meat and meat-containing products completely for at least one day. You might like some new dishes. Experiment and delve deeper into the world of vegetarian cooking.

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When is Great American Meatout Day celebrated in 2024?

Great American Meatout Day is observed on March 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday March 20 2024
Thursday March 20 2025