Go For a Ride Day - November 22
Tue, Nov 22, 2022

Go For a Ride Day

Go For A Ride Day is celebrated on November 22 in the USA. The date is ideal for everyone who is tired of the frantic pace of life and wants to relax. And what could be better than a trip? Let it be small! So join the party: pack food for the road, choose your favorite mode of transport or put on your new walking shoes, and go on an adventure!


Every day we are surrounded by different worries, problems, noisy people, social networks and news feeds. It is necessary to allocate for yourself a day in which the mind and body will receive energy! Walking is a great idea. Americans have always loved to “ride like a breeze” on cars, horses, boats, bicycles … The type of transport is not important, the main thing is the process.

The holiday will help you escape from reality, refresh your thoughts, feel your best! It is also a great sport if you choose to ride a bike: it helps keep the body in the desired shape. A sedentary lifestyle has nothing to do with feeling good.

Interesting facts

Notable points:

  • travel increases creativity, reveals abilities, opens up a second wind – for creative people, it is an ideal pastime;
  • walks and picnics reduce stress levels, help to look at problem situations from a different angle;
  • people who thought up new ways in the country and abroad have a lower risk of heart disease;
  • the most popular country meeting the largest number of tourists is France;
  • money for travel makes us happier than if we spent it on clothes;
  • hodophobia – a disease in which a person is afraid to travel on the road;
  • love of travel can be transmitted at the gene level;
  • xenophobe – a person who is afraid of tourists from foreign countries.

How to celebrate

Do you want to spend time alone or gather a large company? Start from desires and turn your plans into reality! Make your trip bright and memorable, take pictures of the most interesting moments, print the photos and set them on your desktop. One look at them will bring joy and peace.

When is Go For a Ride Day Celebrated in 2022?

Go For a Ride Day is devoted to celebrating cheerfulness and fun. It happens annually on November the 22nd.


Tuesday November 22 2022
Wednesday November 22 2023
Friday November 22 2024
Saturday November 22 2025
Sunday November 22 2026
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