Global Beatles Day - June 25
Tue, Jun 25, 2024

Global Beatles Day

The legendary British quartet is honored on June 25 on the musical Global Beatles’ Day, with the sounds of guitars and the harmonious voices of these performers of world hits. If you are the owner of records with the songs of the Liverpool Four, it’s time to refresh their sound in your memory.

The History

This well-known musical group was formed in 1960 and subsequently revolutionized the world of popular music. In the summer of 1967, 26 countries in the world and 400 million people heard exactly what we all needed (and it is love!). Such an unprecedented scale of broadcast and audience coverage has gone down in history. For this reason, the holiday, established in 2009, was scheduled to be celebrated on June 25.

Interesting Facts

The band was founded in the British city of Liverpool. In England, the musicians are honored on July 10.

  1. The first venues they used for performances were local eateries, bars, and low-grade restaurants.
  2. In the American Billboard Hot 100 chart, 20 songs by the famous Britons appeared at different times.

The songs have brought up several generations of progressive famous people, who remain true to their musical preferences and highly appreciate the Beatles, despite the intervening years.

How to take part

Listen to recordings of Beatles music and choose your favorite record, the songs of which most match the sounds of your heart. Share tracks that sound amazing, but, ironically, turn out to be less popular against the background of recognized hits. This will breathe new life into the festive event and bring a curious perspective.

When is Global Beatles Day celebrated in 2024?

Global Beatles Day is observed on June 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 25 2024
Wednesday June 25 2025