Girls and Women in Sports Day - February
Wed, Feb 7, 2024

Girls and Women in Sports Day

Girls and Women in Sports Day is an annual international celebration dedicated to all female athletes. Celebrated every first Monday in February.


The history of Girls and Women in Sports Day begins in 1987, when it was celebrated for the first time. Its creation was made possible thanks to the American Flo Hyman, who participated in the Olympic volleyball competitions. She died right at a volleyball tournament in Japan – for a long time the athlete struggled with the genetically determined Marfan syndrome. She devoted her whole life to volleyball, and also popularized the idea of ​​the participation of the female half of society in any kind of sports. She tried to get rid of stereotypes that only men should be in sports.

At the state level, the fair sex was granted the same rights as men in sports only in 1927. Then a new section 9 appeared in the Civil Rights Act. It included many different items. From now on, women could participate in various sports competitions, and educational institutions had to provide the same conditions for playing sports for both boys and girls.

Interesting facts

  • For the first time, women were allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in 1908.
  • Most women can be seen in rhythmic gymnastics. Many girls aspire to get into cheerleading.
  • Stereotypes regarding the exclusion of women from sports began from the time of Ancient Hellas. There, women were even forbidden to watch sports competitions.

How to celebrate

Congratulate girls and women who play sports on Girls and Women in Sports Day. Learn more about female athletes who were born in your country/city. Watch women’s competitions in any sport.

Create a congratulatory social media post. Ask other users how often they watch women’s sports.

When is Girls and Women in Sports Day celebrated in 2024?

Girls and Women in Sports Day is observed on the wednesday of the first week of February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday February 7 2024
Wednesday February 5 2025
Wednesday February 4 2026
Wednesday February 3 2027