Garlic Lovers Day - October 6
Fri, Oct 6, 2023

Garlic Lovers Day

Not all people love garlic… But it doesn’t matter, because Garlic Lovers Day was created for those who appreciate the spicy vegetable and can’t imagine many dishes without it. It can be added anywhere, the main thing is to know the measure. October 6 is the perfect day to expand your culinary horizons!


It is believed that garlic was first introduced in India around 5000 years ago. At first, people were put off by its pungent smell, and its use was limited to medicinal purposes. In cooking, garlic didn’t become popular until the Renaissance. It was associated with the poor, likely due to its relatively unassuming appearance. It was not until the late 19th century that garlic started to be appreciated for its true worth. Today, it is used in almost all cuisines of the world.

Garlic also carries a certain mysteriousness. We all know the classic vampire films – what was the secret weapon used to ward off vampires? Nobody knows where this myth originated. Perhaps the distinctive smell after consuming garlic is to blame. Thioethers, which are found in garlic, are responsible for this.

Garlic is incredibly beneficial to health. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce the burden on the heart, and help fight parasites in the intestines. It also slows down the aging process, as it contains allicin, which neutralizes free radicals. To activate this substance, simply press on the clove and leave it for 15 minutes.

Interesting facts

Here are some fun facts about garlic:

  • it belongs to the same family as onions;
  • a single bulb can contain from 2 to 50 cloves;
  • stems can reach 1.5 meters in height;
  • it contains antibiotics;
  • it has been found in mummies’ sarcophagi – historians believe that this has some kind of ritualistic meaning.

How to take part

Celebrate garlic in the kitchen! Prepare your favorite family dish or surprise your family with exciting new recipes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use garlic in desserts, like ice cream – why not give it a try? Buy some garlic and get cooking!

When is Garlic Lovers Day in 2023?

Garlic Lovers Day is observed on October 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 6 2023
Sunday October 6 2024
Monday October 6 2025
Tuesday October 6 2026

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