Free Shipping Day - December 14
Wed, Dec 14, 2022

Free Shipping Day

On Free Shipping Day, many companies delight buyers with unique offers! When we order goods in online stores, we think several times before this: often transportation services have exorbitant prices. Today you can relax and save the budget.


The holiday was founded by American entrepreneur Luke Knowles. He was 30 years old: ambitiousness was noted by many! The man came up with a brilliant idea after monitoring statistics: purchases before Christmas peak until December 12th. It is not surprising, because starting from the middle of the month, buyers go to shopping centers for goods because of the worries that the delivery of online stores will not have time to bring things before the celebration. Luke realized it was too soon!

He not only launched the site, but also filled it with trade offers in 13 days! Then the team consisted of two people – from the entrepreneur himself and a colleague: together they thought through everything to the smallest detail, secured for the sellers and prompt delivery. When Knowles talked about plans to do it, people looked at him like he was crazy, thinking it was unrealistic. As you know, everything worked out!

Interesting facts


  • in the first year, 250 sellers took part in the Free Shipping Day;
  • in some periods, sales on the date became larger than on the famous Black Friday;
  • many organizations that have become part of the resource note enormous traffic;
  • free shipping is an important part of marketing;
  • in 2010, the project earned $100.

How to celebrate

Pull out your credit card and make your Free Shipping Day purchase – the best thing you can do today! Tell your friends about the date, the history of its creation. Come up with your own business and try to look at the world from the side of the seller.

When is Free Shipping Day celebrated in 2022?

Free Shipping Day is observed on December 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday December 14 2022
Thursday December 14 2023
Saturday December 14 2024
Sunday December 14 2025
Monday December 14 2026

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