False Confession Day - November 21
Tue, Nov 21, 2023

False Confession Day

False Confession Day is celebrated in the US on November 21st. It’s a holiday for those who like to invent fantastic stories, joke, have fun, and surprise friends. If this sounds like you, then join in the celebration!


The origin of False Confession Day is unknown, but it is clear that the creator of the holiday was an incredible entertainer! While confession is typically a serious matter, false confessions are more lighthearted and are sure to bring a good mood that lasts a long time. There are two unspoken rules, however: jokingly admitting to criminal activity and confessing love while playing with someone’s feelings are off-limits. The purpose of the day is to shock and amuse others.

Interesting facts

  • Laughter lowers blood sugar levels, which is why doctors recommend laughing more often for people with diabetes. Research has shown that it increases the number of antibodies, boosting immunity.
  • Gelotophobia is a fear of being ridiculed in society, and it’s far from a rare disorder.
  • The person telling a joke usually laughs 46% more often than those who are listening.
  • Laughter helps keep you fit – just 15 minutes of laughter can burn around 50 calories.
  • In 1938, a War of the Worlds radio play was broadcast in the US without any warning. People were so convinced that aliens were real that they called the police and tried to escape.

How to take part

False Confession Day should be fun! Make up stories about moving to another city or country, invent a rare disease, or surprise your friends with an unexpected inheritance. It’s sure to bring plenty of laughs.

When is False Confession Day celebrated in 2023?

False Confession Day is observed on November 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 21 2023
Thursday November 21 2024
Friday November 21 2025
Saturday November 21 2026