Eat Outside Day - August 31
Wed, Aug 31, 2022

Eat Outside Day

Every year on August 31, Eat Outside Day is celebrated in different countries. It seems to be an extremely convenient holiday: in principle, it is possible to organize it anywhere! Near your own home, on a bench in a beautiful park area, next to a pretty pond, in a forest clearing, on the terrace of your favorite cafe or restaurant. This wonderful vacation combines 3 in 1: enjoying nature, great food and communication with loved ones!


Eat Outside Day is not an official holiday, and the originator of the idea remains unknown. But he clearly preferred fresh air and nature to sitting in a stuffy room – and he was well aware that a short walk improves appetite! The last summer day pleases with wonderful weather, you have chosen your favorite dishes and snacks, found an excellent company – the holiday will turn out wonderful!

Interesting facts

People have eaten in “street” conditions since ancient times. How do you think Greek hoplites, Roman legionaries and medieval soldiers ate? They cooked food on open fires. Travelers did the same if they found themselves in locations where there were no taverns and inns. So did medieval students traveling from one European university to another, and itinerant monks, and itinerant acting troupes.

How to celebrate

Eat Outside Day – this is a lot of opportunities to celebrate this day wonderfully:

  1. The best “street” dish is barbecue! It is possible to cook it from any products – pork, beef, fish, poultry are suitable. A vegetarian option is also possible! Vegetables on an open fire are simply amazing, if you have not tried tomatoes, bell peppers or mushrooms cooked this way, try it.
  2. Be sure to take a bunch of fresh herbs with you – with dill, parsley, lettuce, green onion arrows, the dishes will become more interesting. Do not forget about drinks, drinking water, remember about salt, spices and sauces. And by all means take garbage bags – you are not going to leave behind a cluttered corner of nature, are you?
  3. The outdoor terrace of a restaurant or cafe is also an opportunity to eat outdoors. Order your favorite dishes!

When is Eat Outside Day celebrated in 2022?

Eat Outside Day is observed on August 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 31 2022
Thursday August 31 2023
Saturday August 31 2024
Sunday August 31 2025
Monday August 31 2026

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