DrinksGiving - November
Wed, Nov 23, 2022


DrinksGiving is celebrated on Thanksgiving night in the US. Friends all over the country gather today and have fun over strong drinks. The main thing is to know the measure of what you drink, then everything will be fine!


Scientists cannot say exactly when a person first tasted ethyl alcohol. Perhaps in the Neolithic era – about 12 thousand years ago. Many believe that alcohol was obtained naturally during the fermentation of berries. Independent preparation of drinks already existed 8000 thousand years ago in China – the finds of ancient vessels date back to this age, in which traces of fermentation were visible.

Winemaking originates in Transcaucasia: in the mountain valleys they learned how to make a drink loved by many. In Iran, found a vessel with the dry remains of the oldest wine in the world. Not so long ago, researchers discovered traces of the oldest brewery in Israel: in their opinion, beer was brewed here more than 10 thousand years ago. In 2100 BC alcohol was used as a medicine – Egyptian writings testify to this.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • alcohol is not digested by the body, but is instantly absorbed into the blood;
  • people with blue eyes are more likely to use;
  • there is the strongest beer in the world with 67,5%;
  • most vegetables and fruits contain alcohol;
  • sonoselicaphobia – fear of an empty glass;
  • according to some historical data, the Vikings drank drinks not from glasses, but from the skulls of enemies;
  • most beer is consumed in the Czech Republic;
  • Hitler is the most famous teetotaler in the world;
  • Pythagoras invented a unique wine mug, now sold in souvenir shops.

How to celebrate

Visit the city where you were born, invite your friends to a local cafe and spend the evening in pleasant memories. Organize a party and prepare various cocktails – check out the recipes, there are a lot of them! Organize fun contests.

When is DrinksGiving celebrated in 2022?

DrinksGiving is observed on the night before Thanksgiving each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 23 2022
Wednesday November 22 2023
Wednesday November 27 2024
Wednesday November 26 2025
Wednesday November 25 2026