DOGust 1st - August 1
Thu, Aug 1, 2024

DOGust 1st

Dogust 1st is the birthday of all shelter dogs. This day draws people’s attention to the problem of abandoned animals, and also allows owners of shelter dogs to arrange a holiday for their pets. Shelters hold events aimed at helping pets and finding owners for them.


Dogust 1st was launched in 2008 by the North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest animal-helping community. This is not just a day dedicated to dogs, but a ‘birthday’: it is impossible to establish the real birthday of many shelter dogs, and it is very convenient to use one date for all them.

Dogust 1st is used to educate the public about shelters and pet adoption opportunities, and motivate them to help shelters and make life better for dogs.

Interesting facts

  • The US has the largest concentration of domestic dogs in the world.
  • Thanks to Dogust 1st, attention is drawn to the problem of cruelty to animals and reduce the number of such incidents.
  • Shelters for homeless animals appeared in the United States towards the end of the 19th century. In Japan, the first shelter opened in the 17th century.

How to take part

Donate money, food, necessary things (toys, beds, leashes) to a dog shelter. Offer your help: many shelters are experiencing a shortage of volunteers.

If you have a dog adopted from a shelter, pamper it. The main thing is to make sure the holiday is felt not only by you, but also by the dog. The best way to celebrate this day is with delicious treats, a long walk, or buying it a new toy. As a rule, most dogs like such things. Focus on the tastes of your pet and make sure they feel your love.

When is DOGust 1st celebrated in 2024?

DOGust 1st is observed on August 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 1 2024
Friday August 1 2025
Saturday August 1 2026