Dev Deepawali - India
Mon, Nov 7, 2022

Dev Deepawali

Dev Deepawali is celebrated on the night of the full moon, which occurs in the month of Kartik (Hindu calendar). In 2022, the holiday falls on November 7th. Traditionally, it is celebrated 15 days after the Feast of Lights. Do not confuse Dev Deepavali and Diwali. The first is celebrated by ordinary people, and the second is the feast of the gods.


Large-scale festivities and celebrations begin on the day of Diwali – the festival of lights. It is celebrated by many communities in India. According to legend, Lord Rama, his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned on this day after many years of exile. They returned when they destroyed the demon Ravana. On this day, clay lamps, lanterns are lit, sweets, mitai are eaten and parties are held.

After 15 days, Dev Deepawali takes place, in order to fully experience the atmosphere of the holiday, it is better to visit Varanasi, where thousands of lights are lit at the same time, which are reflected in the serene river. It is believed that bathing in this water will help get rid of sins and become closer to the gods. For a long time, Varanasi was considered the city of Shiva, so the celebrations are held here.

Interesting Facts

  • Mark Twain called Varanasi the oldest living city, it is older than traditions, any legends and history itself.
  • Varanasi is named after the rivers Varuna and Asi.
  • It was here that yoga appeared, as well as the Ayurveda system.
  • In India, there is a tradition – to catch frogs and perform a wedding ceremony for them, it is believed that the rain gods like it.
  • The largest Asian university, the Benaras Hindu University, also operates here.

How to celebrate

Visit Varanasi, believe me, you will get maximum pleasure and unforgettable emotions. Be sure to take part in the Arti ritual, which consists in offering incense and light to the gods. Read more about India in general, the city of Varanasi and Dev Deepawali, don’t forget about the mythology – the stories about the gods of India are very fascinating. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit India, just light candles and celebrate the victory of good over evil.

When is Dev Deepawali celebrated in 2022?

Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 7 2022
Sunday November 26 2023
Friday November 15 2024
Wednesday November 5 2025
Tuesday November 24 2026