Dark & Stormy Day - June 9
Sun, Jun 9, 2024

Dark & Stormy Day

Benefits of seasickness exist; this is confirmed by Dark ‘n’ Stormy Day held on June 9, created in honor of a tasty cocktail, the product of an unusual collaboration. Discover the secrets of this famous drink and enjoy the tart taste.

The History

At the beginning of the XX century, British sailors were stationed in Bermuda. Part of the unit suffered from pitching and seasickness. To avoid the malaise, the military made and consumed a drink based on ginger beer and dark rum.

Interesting Facts

Drink is mixed and served in a highball glass. The original version used Barritt’s Ginger Beer and Gosling Black Seal Rum.

  1. Recipe: ice is lowered into the glass, followed by 100ml ginger beer and 60ml dark rum, and then a lime decoration is added. Try it!
  2. If you use vodka instead of Black Seal Rum, you get a Moscow Mule.
  3. This cocktail is among the top 20 most popular American alcohol-based drinks.

This is a national treat in Bermuda and actively exported.

How to take part

Treat yourself to the drink on the holiday. Mix it yourself or purchase the finished product in a branded jar.

Arrange a costume party. Dress code: nautical. Dress up as a sailor, pirate, brave ship’s captain, or a girl waiting for her lover in a port town. Have fun!

When is Dark & Stormy Day celebrated in 2024?

Dark & Stormy Day is observed on June 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday June 9 2024
Monday June 9 2025

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