Culinarians Day - July 25
Thu, Jul 25, 2024

Culinarians Day

Culinarians Day is dedicated not just to masters, but to magicians who are able to turn the simplest ingredients into a culinary masterpiece. Undoubtedly, culinary experts are geniuses, which is why a day has appeared on the calendar just for them. July 25 is a great occasion to thank a familiar chef for their work.


According to some unverified data, the holiday appeared approximately after 2005. Most likely, a chef or a person close to the culinary arts came up with the idea to celebrate a day dedicated to the culinary arts, but until today, none of them has confessed their fantasy.

Interesting Facts About Chefs and Ingredients

  • The hat worn by chefs has French roots and is called a “toque blanche” in French. The higher the hat, the higher the status and qualifications of the chef.
  • In medicine, arachibutyrophobia is the fear of suffocation from peanut butter.
  • Do you know why the pie is called a pound cake? In the recipe, each ingredient weighs 1 lb.
  • Hot chocolate existed in the times of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs; these peoples used sweetness for religious ceremonies.
  • During the period from the 17th to the 19th century, poor student families paid teachers with apples.
  • Fresh cranberries, if thrown on a table or hard surface, will begin to bounce.
  • In the past, people used ketchup to treat indigestion and even jaundice.
  • Put the apples in the refrigerator and they will keep there for up to a year.
  • In ancient Egypt, onions and garlic were valued so highly that they were used as wages.

How to Take Part

The celebration directly depends on whether you work as a culinary specialist or are just a connoisseur of this profession. In the first case, allow yourself to relax and unwind. In the second, express your sincere gratitude to the cook you know.

When is Culinarians Day celebrated in 2024?

Culinarians Day is observed on July 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday July 25 2024
Friday July 25 2025
Saturday July 25 2026
Sunday July 25 2027
Tuesday July 25 2028
Wednesday July 25 2029