Cranky Co-Workers Day - October 27
Fri, Oct 27, 2023

Cranky Co-Workers Day

Cranky Co-Workers Day is celebrated on October 27 in the United States. We are sure that in your office there is also an eternally gloomy and dissatisfied colleague who annoys the whole team! Today you can laugh at his behavior, because it is always useful to interrupt the routine with laughter. Cheer up yourself and those around you!


The founders of the holiday are Thomas and Ruth Roy. The couple organized the date in honor of their own family business, Wellcat Holidays. By the way, they created another similar holiday – National Grouch Day. The purpose of these holidays is not to support evil bullying, but to make light of the situation and spread some cheer. Let your colleague know that his mood applies to everyone, and try to make him laugh. This will not affect the working environment, but only inspire!

It is noteworthy that this phenomenon of crankiness is not limited to women and children, many men can also behave in this way. This is a universal vice, and it does not depend on gender and age. An explosive mixture of exactingness, willfulness and infantile life position.

Interesting facts

  • “Bad” and “good” emotions were invented by man himself. In fact, this concept has a general essence.
  • A popular Greek myth says that diseases come from negativity.
  • Studies show that the development of new technologies directly contributes to the loneliness of people.
  • With the help of facial expressions, a person expresses more than 10 thousand emotions.
  • Facial expressions are infectious, especially those considered unpleasant.
  • Emotional abuse is a dangerous thing, its purpose is to “brainwash” the victim.
  • The colors around us affect our mood and well-being.

How to take part

Cranky Co-Workers Day can be celebrated in many ways: make your neighbor laugh, let them be that tedious worker, fool around and have fun. Some try themselves in the role of a stuffy colleague: see how others will react. Ignore the negativity around you and be happy. Take selfies with moody faces and post them on social media, or share funny stories and anecdotes with your colleagues. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to spread some joy and positivity!

When is Cranky Co-Workers Day celebrated in 2023?

Cranky Co-Workers Day is observed on October 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 27 2023
Sunday October 27 2024
Monday October 27 2025
Tuesday October 27 2026

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