Cousteau Day - June 11
Tue, Jun 11, 2024

Cousteau Day

Cousteau Day is celebrated in many countries of the world; it is a way to honor the memory of the famous deep-sea explorer and traveler Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who literally lived in the sea. The oceanographer was born on June 11, 1910; since then, this day has been special for everyone who honors the works and achievements of this scientist.

The contribution to science of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is invaluable. He devoted his life to the preservation of the fauna of the seas and oceans, and the purity of the depths. The scientist was an excellent director and author of books, documentaries, and programs, and also an inventor. Such a contribution to science, cinematography and literature is a weighty argument to join Cousteau Day.


In the memories of many people, Jacques-Yves Cousteau remains an incredibly kind, energetic, and tireless oceanographer. His not indifferent position and the struggle for the purity and beauty of the oceans still inspire many to continue the work of the scientist. The works of Cousteau were so important to the whole world and people’s lives that contemporaries have no right to forget about them. Therefore, his followers and all people who are not indifferent to the future of the planet decided to celebrate Cousteau Day every year on the scientist’s birthday – June 11th.

The best way to thank Cousteau for his work and love of nature is to join the events that take place on his birthday.

Interesting Facts

  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau dreamed of serving in naval aviation, but because of a car accident and a serious injury, doctors predicted he would lose both his hands. He swam in the sea every day through the pain, and this rehabilitation put him on his feet. It was during these swimming sessions that Cousteau invented swimming goggles.
  • The popular science film Cousteau’s Underwater Odyssey is recognized as one of the most successful works in this genre. For this work, the researcher received three Oscars and the Palme d’Or.
  • Cousteau did not have scientific degrees, but his love for the underwater world allowed him to become a member of the French Academy and receive numerous awards for his research.
  • In 1943, an underwater breathing apparatus designed by Jacques-Yves Cousteau was successfully tested. The equipment was called scuba.
  • In addition, Cousteau invented a bathyscaphe, an underwater house, and whale echolocation.
  • A red knitted hat became a distinctive feature of this French researcher; the scientist wore it almost without taking it off to avoid ear swelling.
  • Cousteau’s life credo was “not to scatter”, but to concentrate one’s efforts on one thing.

How to take part

Be sure to watch the films of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. They are filled with life, kindness, attention, and care for nature. The works of the scientist are still admired all over the world.

Read Cousteau’s books, dive with him into the unknown depths of the ocean, full of secrets. All of us today are sorely lacking understanding of the nature and work of Cousteau – an endless source of love for all life on the planet.

You can also visit the explorer’s hometown, Sainte-André-de-Cubzaque, where a street is named after him.

When is Cousteau Day Celebrated in 2024?

Cousteau Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on June the 11th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 11 2024
Wednesday June 11 2025

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