Country Music Month - October 1
Sat, Oct 1, 2022

Country Music Month

Country Music Month is a fun holiday that thousands of fans of the direction are waiting for every year. The type of music originated in the 1920s in the southern United States and immediately sunk into the hearts of many listeners. Its main feature at that time was the American flavor. The lyrics of the songs were not distinguished by romance – instead of this, they wrote with pleasure about the life of ordinary people.


Country Music Month has been celebrated unofficially since 1964, and only in 1970 did it become formal. This is the merit of Richard Nixon – 39th President of America. The direction began to gain more popularity than classical music. It is noted that country has become a kind of fusion of several styles: folk, church, African American blues. Violin, autoharp, acoustic guitar, etc. were used to create recognizable melodies.

The origins of country began with violinists from the Southern Appalachians. In the 1930s, the direction began to be used as soundtracks for cowboy films. One of the most popular films is Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta. Now music continues to inspire, make happy, sad and rejoice. Many famous artists are reaching out to the younger generation to support the style.

Interesting facts

Curious moments:

  • in addition to the musical direction, there is a country style interior. This is a symbiosis of rural cowboys, ethnic motifs and folklore from different countries. In other words, simple village life. Often used in bars and pubs.;
  • the style was originally called hillbilly;
  • country music combined with other areas became the basis for rock and roll.

How to celebrate

Perhaps every holiday should be accompanied by music! And to spend this date in silence is a real sin. Listen to your favorite artists, share tracks on social networks, talk about the importance of country music.

If you are just starting your journey in knowing the direction, learn about singers from different generations, choose the best songs for yourself. Find country cowboy movies and watch them. Don’t forget to post your experience on social media!

When is Country Music Month in 2022?

Emergency Services Day is observed on October 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 1 2022
Sunday October 1 2023
Tuesday October 1 2024
Wednesday October 1 2025
Thursday October 1 2026

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