Cinnamon Roll Day - October 4
Tue, Oct 4, 2022

Cinnamon Roll Day

Cinnamon Roll Day is a holiday dedicated to the most delicate and fragrant delicacy! Who among us refuses to taste a bun with sugar, honey, cinnamon, combined with your favorite drink? On October 4, you can give up all kinds of diets and treat yourself to a sweet treat!


It is believed that cinnamon rolls appeared in Europe in the same year when the popular sweet was brought here. In historical data there are references to Sweden – here, after the Second World War, the bun became so popular that it entered the culture. If you talk with the original inhabitants of the country, then almost every one of them will tell you how a mother or grandmother was in a hurry to bake a treat before returning from school or a walk.

In 1999, the holiday began to be celebrated in Sweden and Finland. Then this idea was intercepted by other countries that fell in love with delicious pastries no less. For example, in America, a Cinnabon store was opened in Washington State and was selling buns as early as 1985.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • the first recorded mention of cinnamon goes back to 2800 BC. The Chinese used the spice as a medicine;
  • in the Middle Ages, cinnamon was only available to the elite because of its high cost;
  • spice has a positive effect on health;
  • Cinnamon rolls don’t get too carried away with watching your diet – the classic dessert contains 14 teaspoons of sugar. On average, its total calorie content is 800 kC with a predominance of carbohydrates.

How to celebrate

Prepare a delicacy yourself – look at the recipes or come up with your signature version. Be sure to treat your neighbors, friends and relatives – let them appreciate the creation. Don’t forget to take a photo of the dessert and share it on social media. If the love of cooking is still “sleeping”, visit your favorite restaurant that serves buns. The chefs know exactly how to please your taste buds!

When is Cinnamon Roll Day in 2022?

Cinnamon Roll Day is observed on October 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 4 2022
Wednesday October 4 2023
Friday October 4 2024
Saturday October 4 2025
Sunday October 4 2026

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