Christmas Lights Day - December 1
Thu, Dec 1, 2022

Christmas Lights Day

National Christmas Lights Day is celebrated on December 1 of each year in the United States. Friends, it’s time to decorate your apartments and houses for the holiday! Each of us is waiting for this amazing period to enjoy the fabulous beauty.


Electric lights have not always existed. Before their introduction, Christmas trees were decorated with candles, which in themselves posed a security risk. They looked wonderful, but there were cases of fire. After negative incidents, more and more people refused to use such jewelry. In 1880, Thomas Edison created customary Christmas lights and decorated his laboratory with them. The Americans were skeptical about the invention: it took several decades for the population to be convinced of the safety of the device.

General Electric, an electrical engineering company, produced lights at a rock bottom price in 1903. Since then, they have gained immense popularity! Multi-colored glows were seen everywhere – a walk around the city inspired and delighted. In 1917, 15-year-old boy Albert Sadakka came up with a garland – he created it with his own hand, closing the chain of lamps together.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with candles originated in Germany;
  • NOMA impacted the Christmas market by introducing multi-colored lights to the customer – it was the best-selling brand;
  • in 1998, LEDs appeared, they were even more safe, environmentally friendly and economical in the use of electricity.

How to celebrate

Decorate your home or yard on National Day. A bad mood will go away in a moment when you look at your work. Walk around the area and look at the work of the neighbors. Agree with them and come up with a common concept together.

When is Christmas Lights Day celebrated in 2022?

Christmas Lights Day is observed on December 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 1 2022
Friday December 1 2023
Sunday December 1 2024
Monday December 1 2025
Tuesday December 1 2026