Chhath Puja - India
Thu, Nov 9, 2023

Chhath Puja

In the month of Kartika, which falls in October-November, one can attend the Chhath Puja in India. This holiday is especially revered in the northern regions of India and the south of Nepal. It is dedicated to the sun god Surya and his wife Ushas, the goddess of the dawn. In 2023, the holiday is celebrated on November 9.


Chhath Puja or Surya Sashthi is an ancient festival dating back to Vedic times. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata that the rites dedicated to Surya are performed on the fourth day after the Diwali holiday in honor of the goddess Lakshmi in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. During the festival, Hindus fast for four days, abstaining from food and water, and bathe in rivers to meet the dawn, standing waist-deep in water.

Interesting facts

  • Fasting in Chhath Puja is the strictest: for at least 36, and more often 54-60 hours, participants do not even drink water.
  • Since the Sun is visible to all, there are no idols at this festival, only the direct relationship between people and Surya at dawn.
  • Chhath is a holiday for everyone. Shudras take part in it on an equal basis with everyone else. Many Muslims also take part and offer prayers alongside Hindus. Prasad can be eaten by everyone.
  • Respect for every person and the fruits of their labor is the main message of the holiday.
  • Cleanliness is considered the utmost importance, and ablution is essential.
  • Chhath is considered the most environmentally friendly holiday in India.

How to take part

To take part in Chhath Puja, one must offer prayers to Surya and Ushas, asking them to fulfill wishes, bestow health on family members, friends and elders. People express their gratitude to the Sun and Ushas for giving life to the earth and fertility. Participants are allowed to consume prasadam, a festive dish made of sweet rice with milk, after offering it to the young moon and the goddess Ganges. During Chhath, it is interesting to see the colorful processions to the rivers and even take part in the events personally!

When is Chhath Puja celebrated in 2023?

Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 9 2023
Thursday November 7 2024
Monday October 27 2025
Sunday November 15 2026

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