Cesarean Section Day - January 14
Sun, Jan 14, 2024

Cesarean Section Day

Cesarean Section Day is an American holiday dedicated to the surgical method of childbirth, which is called “Caesarean section”. Celebrated January 14th. Its use is resorted to in difficult childbirth, and often it allows you to save the life of the child and mother. The operation involves an incision in the peritoneum and uterus, followed by the removal of the child.


The history of the Cesarean Section Day is associated with the first case of a Caesarean section, which turned out to be successful. In 1794, the wife of Dr. Jesse Bennett gave birth under his supervision and the physician Humphrey. The labor had been going on for several hours, and the woman’s condition was getting worse. Bennett suggested a “caesarean section” that had not been used before. There was only theoretical information about its effectiveness and safety. Dr. Humphrey abandoned this venture and left, as he did not believe in the success of the operation.

Bennett was left alone with some of the servants at home, and decided to carry out the operation himself. From boards and barrels, he built a kind of table, using candles as lighting. The role of an anesthetic was performed by opium tincture. He used homemade tools, since there were no others. Through an incision in the lower abdomen, he removed the child by cutting the umbilical cord. Fortunately, mother and child survived. The girl was called Maria.

The operation was hidden for a long time. Dr. Jesse was afraid that he would be accused of slander and simply did not believe that such an operation was successful. After Bennett’s death, Dr. A.L. Knight (he was still a boy when the operation was carried out) gathered all the eyewitnesses of the case and wrote a full account of this operation. Since then, “Caesarean section” has been firmly entrenched in medical practice and has saved the lives of many children and their mothers.

Interesting facts

  • The section of Caesar probably came from the name of Julius Caesar. He passed a law during his reign, which meant that it was mandatory to remove the child from the womb of the mother, even if she died. Many children received a chance for survival.
  • Mortality in “Caesarean section” is less than 0,1% of all cases.
  • The operation is recommended if there are appropriate indications, but many women themselves agree to this method.

How to celebrate

Learn more about “Caesarean section” on this day. Congratulate relatives and friends if there are those among them who have recently given birth through surgery.

Tell us about Cesarean Section Day on social media. Express your words of support to obstetricians and women who will give birth through this method.

When is Cesarean Section Day celebrated in 2024?

Cesarean Section Day is observed on January 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 14 2024
Tuesday January 14 2025
Wednesday January 14 2026
Thursday January 14 2027