Brew Monday - January
Mon, Jan 15, 2024

Brew Monday

Brew Monday is an American holiday with a good message. It is celebrated annually on January 16th. This day is a great occasion to connect with a friend or relative who needs support. Sometimes listening to a person is very important for him, and a few pleasant words allow him to understand that he is not alone and can ask for help if necessary.


Brew Monday was created by the charity The Samaritans. Its members do not belong to any sect and are not believers. The organization itself was founded in 1953 by a man named Chad Varah.

The basis of the holiday is an instructive parable about the good Samaritan, which can be read in the Bible. It tells about a Jewish traveler who was robbed and beaten by bandits, leaving him to die on the road. A Jewish priest walked by and, despite the fact that his blood brother was dying on the ground, he simply averted his eyes and walked on. Then the Levite also passed. A traveling Samaritan, despite a blood feud with the Jews, helped the man. He provided assistance and took the victim to a safe place.

Today, representatives of the organization can be found not only in the USA, but also in England, Asia, European countries, etc. The organization’s hotlines receive millions of calls from people who need psychological support. Members of the organization annually save people from suicide and other rash actions, instill hope in them. Sometimes simple communication is much more effective than all other methods.

Interesting facts

  • The helpline is active 24 hours a day.
  • The specialists who answer the calls have undergone the necessary psychological training and can communicate with different people in difficult situations.
  • Brew Monday was established in 2020 as a way for people to effectively cope with problems without the help of specialists and get the necessary support from loved ones.

How to celebrate

Get together on Brew Monday with your family or friends. Free your soul from worries and problems thanks to a warm conversation. Sometimes it is very important to tell a loved one something personal. Warm words of support will help you understand that the situation is not hopeless, give you new strength and give you hope for the best.

Do not be afraid to talk about your feelings and never keep negative emotions in yourself. Don’t suppress them, but let them leave your body.

When is Brew Monday celebrated in 2024?

Brew Monday is observed on the third Monday in January each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 15 2024
Monday January 20 2025
Monday January 19 2026
Monday January 18 2027