Brew a Potion Day - January 19
Fri, Jan 19, 2024

Brew a Potion Day

Brew a Potion Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the preparation of potions. These liquids with healing (most often) properties have become entrenched in popular culture thanks to fantasy films (Harry Potter, for example) and computer games (Skyrim, the Witcher universe and others). The holiday is celebrated annually on January 19.


The word “potion” comes from the Latin “potare”, which can be translated as “drink”. In modern terms, a potion is a mixture of ingredients in liquid form. The concept is most often correlated with Medieval Europe. Women often prepared various decoctions to cope with illnesses. Herbalists were revered at that time, who were well versed in herbs and selected the optimal herbal ingredients for making potions.

Often the word “potion” was associated with witchcraft. With its help, they could poison, impose a curse and much more. It should be noted that charlatanism was common in the Middle Ages. Buyers were offered potions for immortality, attracting good luck, love spells. Naturally, this was a common scam, but there was always a demand for such potions.

Interesting facts

  • To date, the topic of potions is firmly entangled in the threads of legends and tales, it is very difficult to figure out where is the truth and where is fiction.
  • Potions can still be found in people who adhere to traditional medicine.
  • Herbal decoctions and tinctures can be called modern potions, which can really help from diseases and alleviate the patient’s condition.

How to celebrate

Prepare yourself an herbal decoction or infusion at Brew a Potion Day. Read fantasy literature, play computer games, or watch movies that often deal with potions. Read on the Internet interesting information about the most popular medieval potions.

Share Brew a Potion Day on social media. Discuss with other users the appropriateness of using potions, their modern counterparts.

When is Brew a Potion Day celebrated in 2024?

Brew a Potion Day is observed on January 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday January 19 2024
Sunday January 19 2025
Monday January 19 2026
Tuesday January 19 2027