Braham Pie Day - August
Fri, Aug 4, 2023

Braham Pie Day

Braham Pie Day is dedicated to the famous delicacy from Minnesota. It does not have any special recipe: Braham Pie is a regular homemade pie everyone cooks the way they like. However, even simple and familiar phenomena deserve special days, because they are often as dear to us as rare and unique ones.


The city of Braham became famous for amazingly delicious homemade pies back in the 1930s. This was noted by tourists, whose path often ran through the town. They especially liked the Park Cafe, where they served the best pies.

Decades have passed, but the recipes for the delicious pies have not been lost. A holiday dedicated to the famous pastries from Braham was established in 1990. Two years later, it was tied to the first Friday in August. Now this is not just a small event with sweets, but a large-scale festival with live performances, contests, fashion shows, and other entertainment. Here you can get acquainted with the arts and crafts of Minnesota, buy a cozy patchwork quilt, or visit an automobile exhibition.

Interesting facts

  • Milk is considered the traditional drink of Minnesota, but it is customary to serve coffee with the pie.
  • About two thousand people live in Braham.
  • Noah Dahlman, the famous basketball player, was born in this town.

How to take part

Visit Braham to taste the famous pastries in the company of other gourmets. In addition to pastries, the local cafe offers delicious ice cream and other desserts, as well as wonderful, aromatic coffee.

Make your own pie. Take the recipe from relatives – almost every family has its own traditions of home baking. You can also be inspired by recipes from the Internet or family cookbooks. Bake a pie with friends or relatives, or just invite them to a feast. It is unlikely someone will refuse to spend Friday evening with such treats.

When is Braham Pie Day celebrated in 2023?

Braham Pie Day is observed on the first Friday of August each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 4 2023
Friday August 2 2024
Friday August 1 2025
Friday August 7 2026

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