Black Love Day - February 13
Tue, Feb 13, 2024

Black Love Day

Black Love Day was created to demonstrate the equality of people of all races before the strongest feeling in the world. Love unites different hearts, making you forget about all the problems, social inequality and the impact on the life of public opinion. The holiday is usually celebrated on February 13.


The idea of creating a holiday came to the mind of the famous writer. She had to suffer from discrimination almost all the years. Ayo Hande-Candy did not pay attention to the evil words of people. She still continued to believe in love and believed that the world should become kinder. The woman dreamed of influencing him and showing people how cruelty is meaningless.

Known by the nickname Mama Ayo, she has experienced many personal tragedies. In 1993, she proposed to celebrate a holiday that would unite the hearts of the inhabitants of all existing countries. During the interview, the woman admitted how much more important the celebration is for her. She told about the death of her beloved son, after which she received tremendous support.

The main task of the holiday is to demonstrate your love for the world around you and especially for those who are discriminated against. The official greeting is the phrase “nya akoma”, which means “take the heart”. It reflects the whole essence of the celebration. People should not demand anything in return for their kindness.

Interesting facts

  • The holiday is of particular importance for the victims of racism. No person born with white skin can imagine how much bullying they have had to endure.
  • Ayo’s mom advocated the fight against violence. She believed that there were a huge number of other ways to solve problems. Such behavior is associated with her personal traumas.

How to celebrate

Do not stand aside. Today, try to show love to every person you meet along the way. Everyone has their own story, which they are afraid to tell others about. You need to learn not to be indifferent to other people’s problems, but to make every effort to solve them. African-Americans should also receive support. Don’t forget to post on social media with #BlackLoveDay to raise awareness.

When is Black Love Day celebrated in 2024?

Black Love Day is observed on February 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 13 2024
Thursday February 13 2025
Friday February 13 2026
Saturday February 13 2027

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