Bathtub Day - October 7
Sat, Oct 7, 2023

Bathtub Day

National Bathtub Day is more than a holiday. In the bath we take water treatments, relax after a hard day’s work, come up with new ideas, listen to music… All people have different habits. On this date, people unite to honor the creators of such a unique and familiar attribute!


People do not agree on who founded the holiday, though Wellcat Holidays is suspected. It is also not known when National Bathtub Day was first celebrated, but it doesn’t matter as long as we continue to celebrate it. The first mention of the product dates back to 1700, however, official records indicate the bathtub was invented in 1883, making it a real breakthrough! It was made from cast iron, framed with decorative legs, and finished with enamel trim, making it a desired item in every home.

Now there are a huge number of varieties of bathtubs: acrylic, steel, with reinforced bottoms, colored, classic white, with seats, handles, and different shapes. It is not only a bathing area, but also a design element, with manufacturers creating new solutions to attract buyers.

Interesting facts

  • The Greeks considered it their duty to invite travelers to take a bath, as it was good form.
  • Hot tubs appeared by accident, after the invention of the pump.
  • The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes discovered the law that made him famous while relaxing in a bath.
  • The Egyptians had a kind of plumbing system in the form of a small room with a square stove, where slaves washed their master.
  • In the Middle Ages, bathing was considered a sin, so people rarely washed.

How to take part

Watch a movie in the bath and combine business with pleasure! Buy a fizzy bomb, which is currently fashionable. Buy special cleaning products and transform your plumbing device!

When is Bathtub Day celebrated in 2023?

Bathtub Day is devoted to celebrating cheerfulness and fun. It happens annually on October the 7th.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 7 2023
Monday October 7 2024
Tuesday October 7 2025
Wednesday October 7 2026