Asom Divas - December 2
Sat, Dec 2, 2023

Asom Divas

Asom Divas is celebrated on December 2 in India. This day is dedicated to the Indian prince, Sukapha, who went on a journey and founded his own state with the capital in the city of Sibsagar. This day is also known as Sukapha and has been celebrated since 1996.


Asom Divas was officially established in 1996 and is celebrated every year on December 2. Legends say this is the day the prince set foot on new lands, while historical facts confirm he stopped in the territory of India, subjugated the local tribes, and founded his own state. This powerful state existed for six centuries before facing political difficulties due to nomadic raids. In 1826, the territories became part of Great Britain.

The people of India remember and revere Sukapha, so they celebrate a holiday in his honor. Tourists and visitors are also welcome to take part in the activities.

Interesting facts

  • Asom Divas has a double name: Asom – in honor of the educated state, Sukapha – in memory of the founder
  • The first mention of the holiday is found in documents of the fourth century.
  • The date is fixed in the Negotiable Instruments Act.

How to take part

On Asom Divas, the streets of India are decorated with bright lanterns, people dress in bright clothes, and stage performances and dances are shown. There are also many treats around, such as fruits such as watermelons, bananas, and melons, which are presented to the prince as a thank you for his past.

When is Asom Divas celebrated in 2023?

Asom Divas is observed on December 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 2 2023
Monday December 2 2024
Tuesday December 2 2025
Wednesday December 2 2026