American Beer Day - October 27
Fri, Oct 27, 2023

American Beer Day

National American Beer Day is observed across America on October 27th and celebrates homemade bubbly beer! Although Americans are not at all opposed to tasting beer from producers of other countries, today everyone is trying to support the brewers of their state. Well, prepare your glasses too!


We may not know who founded National American Beer Day, but we can be certain they definitely loved this drink! The history of beer is as old as the world, with the first beer possibly being brewed 7000 years ago. Beer began to be brewed in the United States in the 16th century, likely due to the influence of the Virginian colonists, who noticed the abundance of corn fields and thus began to brew ale. As of 2019, there are about 7000 breweries in the United States, ranging from small private organizations to medium and large corporations. Yuengling is considered to be the oldest brewery in the US, having been in operation since 1829 and still winning awards today – most recently in 2018 for the 1st place in the competition of the best craft breweries. During Prohibition from 1919 to 1932, breweries and private manufacturers were heavily affected, but the legality of homebrewing was established again in 1978.

Interesting facts

Some interesting facts about beer include:

  • The color saturation of the drink depends on the amount of malt used.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was originally sold with a blue ribbon, which was expensive but made history.
  • Kentucky Common is the oldest ale in the United States.
  • Pumpkin Ale is made from malt with the addition of pumpkin pulp.

How to take part

National American Beer Day is the perfect time to get together with friends, sample different beers, socialize and have fun. Try brewing your own beer – you can use recipes or rely on expert knowledge. Treat your loved ones with your creation and share photos of it on social media. Visit your favorite brewery and learn more about the production processes.

When is American Beer Day celebrated in 2023?

American Beer Day is observed on October 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 27 2023
Sunday October 27 2024
Monday October 27 2025
Tuesday October 27 2026