Alvin C. York Day - October 8
Sun, Oct 8, 2023

Alvin C. York Day

Alvin C. York Day is celebrated annually on October 8th to honor the great hero of the First World War. Descendants of Alvin York remember his contribution and the effort it took to secure victory. On this day, we express our gratitude for his courage, strong character, and bravery. Without such individuals, America would not be the superpower it is today! Join us in commemorating this amazing person and learn more about his legacy.


Alvin York lived an ordinary, peaceful life before the war. He was born to a blacksmith family and had excellent hunting skills, which he believed to be his calling. He often brought the family the meat of animals he hunted and helped out with domestic tasks. He later devoted himself to studying the Bible and was accepted into service at a local church.

When the United States became involved in the First World War, Alvin was initially reluctant to join due to his religious beliefs. He wrote a letter of denial of service for reasons of faith, but the board rejected the request and sent him to the Georgia State Division instead.

At the camp, Alvin did not hide his reasoning, but little did he know that his circumstances were about to change. During a battle, his unit was heavily bombarded and many soldiers, including the commander, were badly injured. Alvin accepted his fate and picked up a gun, single-handedly eliminating all the German machine gunners.

Interesting facts

  • Throughout the battles, Alvin shouted at German soldiers to surrender, in an effort to reduce casualties.
  • Upon returning home, Alvin received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic acts.
  • His courage was acknowledged by many countries, such as Montenegro, France, and Italy.
  • A film was made about him, starring Harry Cooper in the lead role.

How to take part

Visit the World War I Museum to see Alvin York’s examples on display. Take the kids with you so that they can learn about the story. Check out the feed we mentioned above and share your opinion with others. Study the historical data for more interesting insights about the hero.

When is Alvin C. York Day celebrated in 2023?

Alvin C. York Day is observed on October 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 8 2023
Tuesday October 8 2024
Wednesday October 8 2025
Thursday October 8 2026

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