World Teachers’ Day - October 5
Wed, Oct 5, 2022

World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over the world and everyone who is involved in this holiday is honored! What would our life be like if we didn’t go to school, college, university, didn’t study history, language, mathematics? Scary to imagine! Teachers dedicate their lives to sharing their knowledge and educating entire generations.


The global event was founded by the UN in 1994, but the idea was born long before that. The work of teachers has always been considered one of the most important: specialists were praised, encouraged and respected. In different parts of the world, this did not happen in one day, but the idea remained unchanged. It is believed that Confucius was the first of all teachers who paved the way for the profession. However, learning processes existed before.

Various events are held today – award ceremonies, entertainment concerts, competitions. There is also the “Teacher of the Year” award, where professionals in their field receive such a title for one calendar year. Words of gratitude are the least we can do for teachers!

Interesting facts

5 interesting things:

  1. The first school in Europe opened in 1684 in Reims. It was founded by Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, a French priest and educational reformer.
  2. In ancient Greece, teachers of arithmetic were called calculators. This word is derived from the Latin “calculus” – pebbles (counting was carried out with the help of small stones). Now the calculator has a different meaning, understandable to us.
  3. It is sad that in some countries schoolchildren receive corporal punishment for misconduct and poor study.
  4. The teacher is an important link in education. However, only parents have the main influence.
  5. Lyndon Baines Johnson – 36th President of the United States taught people before this position.

How to celebrate

Each of us has a favorite teacher – even if you graduated from an educational institution, visit him and please him with a pleasant surprise! Tell others about the importance of the holiday and the complexity of the work of a teacher, arrange parties, make donations to educational organizations. Let every specialist feel needed by society!

When is World Teachers’ Day in 2022?

World Teachers’ Day is observed on October 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 5 2022
Thursday October 5 2023
Saturday October 5 2024
Sunday October 5 2025
Monday October 5 2026