World Productivity Day - June 20
Thu, Jun 20, 2024

World Productivity Day

The leaders of large companies and small firms are well aware of how important it is to maintain the productivity of their teams; World Productivity Day helps with this. Productivity depends on several factors – your efficiency, minimizing waste, as well as optimizing workflows. World Productivity Day is an opportunity to remember those who help us stay productive, encourage productivity ourselves, and give useful advice.


Perhaps, in the holiday calendar, this one is the least known, since no one knows the reasons for its appearance. On June 20, it’s more appropriate to focus on tools that increase your productivity, as well as experts who can teach you how to be more productive. World Productivity Day entails training seminars, lectures, webinars, and online sessions.

In addition, companies on this day talk about their products and work to attract customers. For example, coffee producers can talk about how caffeine is useful for maintaining performance, and dessert manufacturers can point out the benefits of glucose for brain function.

Interesting Facts

If you want to stay productive and efficient, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Keep photos of close relatives, as well as snacks, in the workplace;
  • Work from home if possible;
  • Rest more;
  • Believe in your productivity;
  • Do not be intimidated by ambitious goals and complex tasks;
  • Do not skip sports or exercising.

How to take part

Try to evaluate yourself and your work from the outside, how productive it is, and whether you are satisfied with the result. Be sure to thank your colleagues, partners, and clients who help you develop and move forward. Evaluate your workflow – where you can optimize it, which processes are superfluous. Set a goal for yourself – plan your work and highlight tasks that require immediate solutions.

When is World Productivity Day celebrated in 2024?

World Productivity Day is observed on June 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 20 2024
Friday June 20 2025