World Porridge Day - October 10
Mon, Oct 10, 2022

World Porridge Day

Not everyone loves porridge, but World Porridge Day needs to fix that! Organizations inform the public about the extraordinary usefulness of the product. We are sure that after learning a little more about the dish, you will want to try different recipes to find the perfect one. Join the holiday and get healthy!


The holiday was first celebrated in 2009. Few people knew about him, but every year the number increased exponentially. The special mission of the date is to draw attention to less developed countries: in some parts of the world, hunger reigns, there is no education, and sometimes there is no hope for a better life.

Porridge is an irreplaceable breakfast! There are thousands of variations! You can prepare the dish with salt and the right ingredients, or with sugar, fruit and your favorite toppings. Until 1600, the word “porridge” was not used, although it was on the table of the hostesses. It was especially common among the poor. Today, it is loved by the whole world for its versatility, ease of preparation and excellent taste.

Interesting facts

Did you know:

  • buckwheat porridge is considered the most delicious and healthy, oatmeal is nutritious, semolina is high-calorie;
  • at a competition in Louisiana, the chef ate about 10 kg of corn porridge in 10 minutes;
  • on average, 1 American child consumes 7 kg of food per year;
  • the world celebrates various holidays dedicated to the product – it’s time to broaden your horizons, learn more about them;
  • The ancient Romans used to make porridge on a child’s birthday.

How to celebrate

Cook different types of cereals and decide which one you like best. Get your family involved and compare the flavors. Learn about the beneficial properties of certain cereals and try to improve your body – include breakfast in your diet and monitor your well-being. Try to change the mind of a person who does not like porridge by preparing a delicious lunch.

When is World Porridge Day celebrated in 2022?

World Porridge Day is observed on October 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 10 2022
Tuesday October 10 2023
Thursday October 10 2024
Friday October 10 2025
Saturday October 10 2026

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