World Porridge Day - October 10
Tue, Oct 10, 2023

World Porridge Day

Everyone may not love porridge, but World Porridge Day wants to change that! Organizations inform the public about the amazing benefits of porridge. After learning more about porridge, you may find your perfect recipe. Join the holiday and get healthy!


The holiday was first celebrated in 2009 and the number of participants has grown significantly year after year. The main focus of the day is to draw attention to less developed countries where hunger, lack of education and sometimes no hope for a better life are present. Porridge has become a popular dish worldwide due to its versatility, ease of preparation and great taste. Before the 1600s, it was mostly eaten by the poor.

Interesting facts

  • Buckwheat porridge is considered the most tasty and healthy, oatmeal is nutritious and semolina is high-calorie.
  • At a competition in Louisiana, a chef ate around 10kg of corn porridge in 10 minutes.
  • On average, 1 American child consumes 7kg of food per year.
  • There are various holidays around the world dedicated to porridge and it’s time to expand your knowledge.
  • Ancient Romans used to make porridge on a child’s birthday.

How to take part

Cook various types of porridge and decide your favourite. Get your family involved and compare the flavours. Learn about the health benefits of different porridges and try to improve your wellbeing by adding porridge to your diet. Lastly, try to change the mind of someone who doesn’t like porridge by preparing a delicious lunch.

When is World Porridge Day celebrated in 2023?

World Porridge Day is observed on October 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 10 2023
Thursday October 10 2024
Friday October 10 2025
Saturday October 10 2026

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