World Marriage Day - February
Sun, Feb 11, 2024

World Marriage Day

All lovers dream of one day being at the altar and sealing their union with the sacred bonds of marriage. World Marriage Day reminds us that a wedding is not only a beautiful event. For the bride and groom, it has a sacred meaning. Traditionally, the celebration falls on the second Sunday of the last winter month.


Marriage between two people for lovers does not mean a simple stamp in the passport. They look forward to the day when their fate will be decided, and the next morning it will be possible to call the partner their husband or wife. The celebration is created to emphasize the purity of love and show the importance of sincere feelings in the modern world.

In 1882, polygamy was declared illegal by the Catholic Church. For people of faith, a relationship with several people meant denigrating the pure love that exists between a man and a woman. This day calls on everyone who is in a relationship to put not the first place in the life of the family.

Over the years, core values have begun to change. Divorces have increased, and married people are often unhappy. It is worth for a moment to stop thinking narrowly and believe that true love still exists.

For the first time the celebration took place in 1981, the idea of creating a celebration came to the mind of the newlyweds, who turned with a proposal to the city mayor, the governor of Louisiana and the clergyman. Catholics celebrate World Marriage Week, which begins on February 7 and ends on 14 – on Valentine’s Day.

Interesting facts

  • Some couples admit to spending a critically small amount of time together. The researchers created a survey, on the basis of which they made some conclusions. Some workaholics see their soulmates for only 4 minutes a day.
  • For the manufacture of wedding rings in the United States, about twenty tons of pure gold are spent annually.
  • Former lovers who marry after divorcing their former spouses almost never stay together.

How to celebrate

Postpone all the affairs for later and spend the whole day with your soul mate. Being too busy with work, many forget about the most important thing. Try to surprise your loved one, come up with a way to surprise him and immerse him for a while in a beautiful romantic atmosphere.

When is World Marriage Day celebrated in 2024?

World Marriage Day is observed on the second Sunday of February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 11 2024
Sunday February 9 2025
Sunday February 8 2026
Sunday February 14 2027

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