World Intellectual Property Day - April 26
Fri, Apr 26, 2024

World Intellectual Property Day

World Intellectual Property Day is a worldwide holiday that aims to protect intellectual property. People who become the epitome of progress should be assured that their work will belong only to them. The likelihood of theft should be kept to a minimum. It is celebrated annually on April 26.


The history of World Intellectual Property Day begins in 2000, when it was founded by WIPO. This organization deals with issues related to intellectual capacity. It issues patents, helps protect people’s personal creations and achievements, monitors cases of plagiarism, and much more.

Creativity and innovation are the engines of eternal progress and development in society. If there are such people who are able not only to come up with something new, but also to find ways to implement the idea, then they should count on the full support of the state, which is carried out through special organizations.

Interesting facts

  • Each year an average of $500 billion is lost as a result of intellectual property theft.
  • It is worthwhile to understand well the essence of intellectual property. It is always an intangible object, that is, a painting or a brand logo invented by an artist falls into this category. At the same time, a specific canvas is tangible property.
  • Property rights that relate to intellectual property are called exclusive rights.

How to celebrate

Find out more information about the intellectual property protection mechanism in your country and what rights exist in relation to it. Tell about the holiday on social media. Ask users if they or someone they know has experienced intellectual property theft. Let them tell their story.

When World Intellectual Property Day celebrated in 2024?

World Intellectual Property Day is observed on April 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday April 26 2024
Saturday April 26 2025

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