Universal Music Day - October
Sat, Oct 14, 2023

Universal Music Day

Universal Music Day is celebrated every second Saturday in October by all music lovers. This day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the existence of music as a source of recreation and entertainment for people all over the world.


The origin of music is believed to be directly connected to the origin of language. Early musical instruments were made of stones and sticks, and by 4000 BC, flutes and harps were created in ancient Egypt. Around 2500 BC, the trumpet was invented in what is now Denmark. During the Renaissance in Europe, the first musical styles were created and some of the greatest composers in history were born. Music is one of the most universal languages in the world and it is an effective way of expressing emotions, reflecting one’s culture, and declaring one’s position.

The founder of Universal Music Day is personal trainer and speaker Susan Golden, who initiated the holiday in 2007.

Fun facts

  • In 1500 BC, the Hittites invented frets, which are now used to create stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, ukuleles, and cellos.
  • In 800 BC, a religious hymn was recorded using cuneiform, which makes it the first recorded piece of music.
  • Since 1465, notes have been used to play musical compositions.
  • The most profitable song in the world is the well-known “Happy Birthday”, which brings its creators millions of dollars annually.

How to take part

There are many ways to celebrate Universal Music Day. Consider turning up the volume on your favorite song and taking a break from the daily routine. Alternatively, watch a musical, attend a concert, or join a club where modern music is constantly playing. If you prefer to stay at home, you can try your hand at playing music or singing. Nowadays, you can create music with just a smartphone or computer.

When is Universal Music Day celebrated in 2023?

Universal Music Day is observed on the second Saturday of October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 14 2023
Saturday October 12 2024
Saturday October 11 2025
Saturday October 10 2026

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