U.S. Coast Guard Day - August 4
Fri, Aug 4, 2023

U.S. Coast Guard Day

National Coast Guard Day is the professional holiday of the Coast Guard. Every year in the city of Gran Haven, Michigan, there is a festival dedicated to them. This day reminds us how important and socially significant this work is.


The Coast Guard appeared in the late 18th century. It happened exactly on August 4, so this date was chosen intentionally. At its dawn, this organization consisted of only ten courts. Currently, it has a wide range of capabilities, protecting the coast from terrorism, fighting drug trafficking and human trafficking.

On the day of the holiday, there are not only various information and entertainment events, but employees are also rewarded, especially those who have distinguished themselves in the service.

Interesting facts

  • In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina raged in the United States, the Coast Guard rescued more than thirty thousand people.
  • In addition to their main duties, this service structure also monitors the drift of icebergs.
  • Once a dog appeared in their ranks: it had its own uniform and documents confirming its status.

How to take part

During the celebration, a number of different events take place in the country – you can choose to attend any. You can go to a thematic museum – on your own or with a guide.

If you want to spend this day at home, you can watch a film dedicated to the work of the Coast Guard – more than a dozen films have been released. There are also many interesting books on the subject.

You can always share interesting information or your impressions on social networks using the #NationalCoastGuardDay tag.

When is U.S. Coast Guard Day celebrated in 2023?

U.S. Coast Guard Day is observed on August 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 4 2023
Sunday August 4 2024
Monday August 4 2025
Tuesday August 4 2026