Tick Tock Day - December 29
Fri, Dec 29, 2023

Tick Tock Day

Tick Tock Day is celebrated on December 29 as a reminder of the two days left before the New Year. This holiday is important because it helps us to manage our time better and to accomplish all of our tasks before the New Year.


Tick Tock Day was created by the married couple Thomas and Ruth Roy, who founded many interesting dates in the USA. It is a holiday that is designed to ensure that people meet the New Year in good spirits. It can be hard to find a person who doesn’t have unfinished business at the end of December, so this holiday can help us to complete all of the necessary tasks and free our heads from worrying thoughts.

Interesting facts

Here are nine important things to complete before the New Year:

  1. Let go of grudges or apologize.
  2. Buy gifts for loved ones.
  3. End relationships or communications that are holding you down or upsetting you.
  4. Talk to your family and call everyone you haven’t heard from in a while.
  5. Overcome the fear that prevents you from enjoying life.
  6. Try to do something that you have long dreamed of, but put off.
  7. Settle debts.
  8. Clean up your home or office.
  9. Summarize the year and make plans for the next.

How to take part

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything you plan to do. Prioritize the tasks and decide which ones are doable. Forget about the past and focus on the amazing moments ahead.

When is Tick Tock Day celebrated in 2023?

Tick Tock Day is observed on December 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 29 2023
Sunday December 29 2024
Monday December 29 2025
Tuesday December 29 2026

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