Summer Bank Holiday - August
Mon, Aug 29, 2022

Summer Bank Holiday

On the Summer Bank Holiday, which falls on the last Monday of August, in the UK and Wales, bank employees traditionally do not go to work. This allows them a little break from their complex and often not very diverse work. So it’s a great tradition.


Summer Bank Holidays in England and Wales first appeared in the late 19th century. In 1871, the Liberal politician, scholar and successful banker, Sir John Lubbock, decided that the Bank Holidays Act should be promoted.

Prior to this initiative, bank clerks received leave along with the whole country – on the main religious holidays (Easter, Christmas). But Lubbock was a specialist in banking, having worked all his life in his own family company – he knew this job from the inside. Therefore, he insisted on providing employees with additional days off. The purpose of the introduction of the Summer Bank Holiday was so that bank employees could see an important event: a cricket match.

The law was approved and put into effect. On a bank holiday, clerks were no longer required to come to work and serve customers. The Act aroused such enthusiasm among them that for the first few years the bank holidays were solemnly called “Sir John Lubbock Days.”

Interesting facts

England and Wales originally celebrated the Summer Bank Holiday on the first Monday in August. Exactly the same order was observed in Scotland and Northern Ireland. But not all politicians and public figures liked this situation, and they initiated a lawsuit in 1965. But at that moment they achieved nothing. Only more than 50 years later did the transfer of bank holidays to the last Monday of August take place. This extended to England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scottish bank clerks still take a break on the first Monday of this month.

How to celebrate

If you are a bank employee, you can spend Summer Bank Holiday:

  • with my family;
  • visit separately living relatives;
  • to meet friends.

Also, many people practice meditation on this day, attend theater performances, concerts and parties.

When is Summer Bank Holiday celebrated in 2022?

Summer Bank Holiday is observed on the last Monday of August each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 29 2022
Monday August 28 2023
Monday August 26 2024
Monday August 25 2025
Monday August 31 2026

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