Special Education Day - December 2
Fri, Dec 2, 2022

Special Education Day

Special Education Day is celebrated on December 2 in the United States. The holiday is dedicated to children with disabilities and their right to education. Every living child should receive knowledge and appropriate development – this does not depend on his health. Find out a little more about it!


The date of Special Education Day was not chosen by chance – in 1975, the President of America signed the law on the education of persons with disabilities. This was largely influenced by 1972: the US District Court of Mills filed a lawsuit with the Board of Education because of the refusal to educate special children. From that moment on, there was a resonance, and it was impossible to simply remain silent about the events.

The purpose of today’s holiday is to celebrate the work of teachers, social workers, parents and everyone involved in the cause. It was first held in 2005. During this time, many programs have emerged to promote more accessible education for all children. One important reform is the SpedEx dispute resolution and trust building system.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • disability is a global health problem. According to statistics, every seventh person in the world has serious health problems. Most common in low-income countries;
  • Stephen Hawking, a famous theoretical physicist, was paralyzed at the age of 21. Doctors promised him a quick death, but the guy read and studied a lot, which made him successful;
  • Jamie Brewer – a girl with Down syndrome became famous after her role in the TV series “American Horror Story”, in which she gained tremendous popularity. She also took part in the fashion show on the occasion of New York Fashion Week.

How to celebrate

The day teaches understanding of people with disabilities. Especially during adolescence, children with disabilities face terrible bullying. Thank teachers for their hard work, give sweets, flowers or memorabilia. Find out about events in your city and take part in them.

When is Special Education Day celebrated in 2022?

Special Education Day is observed on December 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 2 2022
Saturday December 2 2023
Monday December 2 2024
Tuesday December 2 2025
Wednesday December 2 2026

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