Ride the Wind Day - August 23
Tue, Aug 23, 2022

Ride the Wind Day

Ride the Wind Day is an inspiring celebration of the opportunity to use the power of the wind for movement and just for fun. It is celebrated annually on 23 August to pay tribute to the anniversary of the first flight, which won the honorary Kremer Award. It was established by Henry Kremer in 1959 for unpowered aircraft controlled solely by the pilot’s muscular strength. The main condition for receiving the award was the flight range – at least a mile at a certain height, along the trajectory of the eight, while twice it was required to fly over a ten-foot pillar.


Why was this date chosen for Ride the Wind Day? It was on August 23, 1977 that the Gossamer Condor 2 flew for the first time in history a distance of 2162 meters, slowly moving at a speed of 11 miles per hour, as established by the Royal Aeronautical Society. The historic flight took place at Minter Field in Shafter, California.

The designer of the Gossamer Condor 2 was Dr. Paul B. McCready. Piloted by hang glider and amateur cyclist Brian Allen. Today, this aircraft is an exhibit of the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institution.

Interesting facts

In 1979, Brian Allen set a new record – he managed to fly across the English Channel on a new model of the Gossamer Albatross experimental aircraft. Then he mastered the small airship White Dwarf and again set records for the range and duration of flights.

How to celebrate

You can celebrate Ride the Wind Day in an interesting way:

  1. Book a glider, paraglider or hang glider flight. If you are an inexperienced pilot, pay for training: what if this becomes your favorite hobby? Or just fly with an instructor – it’s safe, but you will get a lot of positive emotions!
  2. Don’t forget that there are planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, skydiving and windsurfing! All of these are great options to experience the great feeling of flying!
  3. Visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, see the famous Gossamer Condor 2, and explore other interesting aircraft-related exhibits. The museum also offers excellent online exhibitions.

When is Ride the Wind Day celebrated in 2022?

Ride the Wind Day is observed on August 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 23 2022
Wednesday August 23 2023
Friday August 23 2024
Saturday August 23 2025
Sunday August 23 2026

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