Presidential Joke Day - August 11
Sun, Aug 11, 2024

Presidential Joke Day

Presidents know how to joke, especially on Presidential Joke Day. It reminds people that dignitaries are close to the people, and sometimes they can say something ridiculous, awkward, and funny. Often these sayings become real wisdom!

The History

The holiday appeared quite by accident: in 1984, the incumbent President Ronald Reagan joked during a radio broadcast: “Dear compatriots, I officially confirm that I forever ban Russia. Let’s start the bombardment in 5 minutes!

Reagan did not know that he was on the air: his words immediately spread not only throughout the United States, but also reached the officials of the USSR, which brought the country to combat readiness. Everyone was waiting for the attack, which did not happen.

When it turned out that the President was joking, the Americans found the situation amusing and memorialized it by establishing Presidential Joke Day on August 11th.

By the way, Reagan made similar expressions before. For example, after an assassination attempt in 1981, he came into the operating room and told the surgeons, “I hope you’re Republicans.”

Interesting facts

Not only did Reagan distinguish himself with his statements. We’ve put together a short list!

  • “Being president is like running a graveyard. There are many people below you, but none of them listens.” (Bill Clinton).
  • “My respect for the country has increased significantly, people are waving at me, and they are doing it with all their fingers.” (Jimmy Carter).
  • “If I had to name the greatest strength, then I would say that it is humility, if asked about weakness, I would answer that it is too cool.” (Barack Obama).
  • During the presidential campaign in 2000: “Thanks for the letter, Al Gore! This Internet of yours is a wonderful invention.” (George Walker Bush)

How to take part

Find out more about the blunders of presidents around the world. Find information on the Internet and share with your friends!

When is Presidential Joke Day celebrated in 2024?

Presidential Joke Day is observed on August 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 11 2024
Monday August 11 2025
Tuesday August 11 2026