Holiday Pitru Paksha
Fri, Sep 29, 2023

Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha is a lunar period of 16 days, during which Hindus pray and offer food and water to their dead ancestors. This time begins on September 10th. Prayer for the dead is everyone’s duty. Hindus believe that after death, the human soul remains restless, because it is attached to the mundane. It wanders between heaven and earth. Prayers and offerings during Pitru Paksha help the dead to be released and finally move to heaven.


For Hindus, this is one of the most important periods in the calendar, because at this time the living can help the dead reach their divine destiny and find peace. Since the Hindu religion believes in an afterlife, Pitru Paksha takes on a special meaning. During these 16 days, the physical body of the deceased finally ceases to exist, and the subsequent path is determined by the deeds committed during their life. In addition, the holiday connects past and present generations and reminds us that we are indebted to our ancestors for their knowledge and experience. That is why Hindus pray for the souls of the dead, thus expressing their respect.

Interesting Facts

  • These 16 days, starting from September 10, are an unfortunate time for marriage, major financial transactions, and starting a business.
  • There is a belief that people who do not offer water and food to the dead souls will be left with nothing during the afterlife.
  • The Pitru Paksha period is the time when every Hindu gets rid of their sins through special rituals.
  • If the offerings are eaten by a crow, this is a good sign, since these birds are considered representatives of the god of death, Yama.
  • Previously, only men could perform the ritual, but today the times have changed. If there are no heirs in the family, a woman can perform the necessary rituals.


Hindus remember their ancestors as they perform special rituals. To find out more, talk to a Hindu priest, and a family elder will also tell you many interesting facts. During Pitru Paksha, it is necessary to help those in need. Teach your children to respect their elders and ancestors; this is what Hindus teach their children.

When is Pitru Paksha celebrated in 2023?

Pitru Paksha is observed on the first Purnima (full moon) following Ganesh Chaturthi each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 29 2023
Tuesday September 17 2024
Sunday September 7 2025

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