Pins and Needles Day - November 27
Sun, Nov 27, 2022

Pins and Needles Day

Pins and Needles Day is celebrated on November 27 in the United States. And this is a truly poignant holiday! The date symbolizes the opening of a musical play shown in the most successful center of theatrical performances – on Broadway. The event was dedicated to the members of the International Union of Garment Workers.


The original production involved ordinary workers who just wanted to touch the creativity and were engaged in preparation in their spare time. They did not know then that their occupation would bring unprecedented success! In the future, everyone who took part had a radically changed work schedule – the first performances took 8 weeks.

Harold Jacob “Hecky” Rome – American lyricist and composer created the play “Pins and Needles”. She showed events from a trade union point of view: young, carefree guys were engaged in working moments in the center of the most active American city. It became a hit! There are very few cases in history when non-professionals achieve stunning success.

Interesting facts

Curious moments in numbers:

  • in 2003 a concert was held in Israel, the performance was full of different versions of the play;
  • Rachel Grunwald directed the play in London in 2003, earning critical acclaim;
  • in 2016, Pins and Games is shown in New York, the production was attended by students whose age coincided with the first participants.

How to celebrate

Watch the play, even if you’ve already seen it. Remember it to the smallest detail, mark the most interesting moments. Invite your friends to watch! Learn more about this historical period. Share information on social networks so that more people know about the holiday.

When is Pins and Needles Day celebrated in 2022?

Pins and Needles Day is observed on November 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday November 27 2022
Monday November 27 2023
Wednesday November 27 2024
Thursday November 27 2025
Friday November 27 2026

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