Perihelion Day - January 4
Thu, Jan 4, 2024

Perihelion Day

Celebrate Perihelion Day, the date on which our planet passes its orbit closest to the Sun. The cosmos is multifaceted and interesting, so it is always interesting to observe the phenomena taking place. Find out more about the holiday!


Scientists have learned to determine the moment of perihelion to the nearest minute, but it was quite difficult. The fact is that there is no way to determine the distance from the Earth to the Sun, auxiliary calculations like measuring the solar disk will also not work because of constantly changing indicators, and goniometric tools do not provide accuracy. But the researchers found a way out: they began to use Kepler’s laws, which say that the orbital speed of the planet is the highest, and at aphelion (the farthest point) – the smallest. On this date, the distance between the heavenly bodies is 147 million kilometers;

The inhabitants often ask the question: “Will the phenomenon always be in January?”. The answer is negative. Precession shifts the axis of rotation in space: for example, the points of the solstices are slowly directed towards the movement of the Sun. The position of the perihelion also changes, once in February, then in March, and so on. The process is insanely slow: we, our children and future generations will not catch it.

Interesting facts

Curious moments about the Sun:

  • the diameter is hundreds of times greater than that of the earth;
  • scientists believe that the star will use up its resources in 5 billion years;
  • does not have a hard surface;
  • light and heat reach our planet in 8 minutes;
  • if you look at it from space, it will be white. The yellow color is due to the influence of the atmosphere;
  • the Earth’s core has a similar temperature to the Sun;
  • 35% of people sneeze when looking at a star.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the phenomenon at Perihelion Day! This is a unique event observed by astrologers and laymen from all over the world. Study literature or watch documentaries. Share information with friends, discuss it together. Throw a space party!

When is Perihelion Day celebrated in 2024?

Perihelion Day is observed on January 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 4 2024
Saturday January 4 2025
Sunday January 4 2026
Monday January 4 2027