No Panty Day - June 22
Thu, Jun 22, 2023

No Panty Day

On June 22, 2012, social networks exploded: many Twitter users declared that Friday June 22 is the official No Panty Day and is celebrated all over the world! Then unknown people added this event to Wikipedia. One blogger suggested this event was inspired by the American No Pants Day, celebrated on the first Friday of May – and it could be a promotion or just someone’s joke. Women’s rights groups did not respond to No Panty Day, clearly indicating a hoax.


The American No Pants Day goes back to the Knighthood of Buh, a student club at the University of Texas. The club believed that getting rid of the pants on the last Friday of May helped students relieve the stress accumulated by the end of the semester. Promotion of the holiday began in 2000, first in other states, and then in Canada, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, France, and Australia.

Also, known flash mob No Pants Subway Ride, organized by a comedy art group from New York Improv Everywhere. It was first held in 2002, with 7 subway passengers in New York riding without pants. In 2006, already 150 people passed like this; they were arrested, but then the charge of disturbing the peace was dropped. In 2013, the flash mob was organized by coordinators in 60 cities. In 2016, pantless subway passengers appeared in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Interesting facts

Today we can safely celebrate No Panty Day – in the US and Europe. The “commando” movement is developing against wearing underwear, especially in the summer heat. It is supported by Kate Moss, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Middleton, and the famous French designer Philippe Starck. Underwear in the heat is a discomfort and a breeding ground for bacteria!

How to take part

On this holiday you can:

  • Not wear underwear under clothes and feel more relaxed.
  • Conduct a fun poll on social networks – how do your friends feel about this holiday?

When is No Panty Day celebrated in 2023?

No Panty Day is observed on June 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 22 2023
Saturday June 22 2024
Sunday June 22 2025