National Yo-yo Day - June 6
Thu, Jun 6, 2024

National Yo-yo Day

National Yo-Yo Day was established on the birthday of Donald F. Duncan, Sr., who was an American entrepreneur and inventor who founded the Duncan Toys Company. Duncan was not the inventor of the yo-yo, but he is often miscredited with inventing the Yo-Yo, greatly due to his marketing efforts and to the fact that Yo-Yo was a trademark of his company from 1930 until 1965. Remember the accomplishments of Donald F. Duncan, Sr. on National Yo-Yo Day!

Celebrate this weird holiday, and go buy a yo-yo. Teach yourself some new tricks for beginners on National Yo-Yo Day, such as «Walk the Dog», «Flying Saucer/UFO», and «Forward Pass». If you are already experienced with using yo-yos, try to teach yourself a more challenging trick, such as «Orbit the Leg», «Brain Twister Mount», or «Offstring Barrel Roll». Hold a competition with your friends and see who can claim the title of «National Yo-Yo Day Champion!».

National Yo-Yo Day Fun Facts

  • The yo-yo is the second oldest toy in the world.
  • In Ancient Greece, yo-yos were made materials such as terracotta, wood, and metal. They were often decorated with pictures of the gods etched into the material.
  • As a rite of passage into adulthood in Ancient Greece, children would place their yo-yos on their family alter.
  • The first was held in London, England, in 1932.
  • The world’s largest display of yo-yos can be found in Chico, California.
  • The National Yo-Yo Museum houses the world’s largest yo-yo (256 pounds) and the world’s largest display of yo-yos.
  • The highest price ever paid for a yo-yo is $16,029.00, due to the fact that it was signed by former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and presented to country singer Roy Acuff in 1974.
  • Jeffrey Hoffman took the first yo-yo into space aboard the shuttle Atlantis in 1992.
  • Shinji Saito, the eleven-time, double-handed world champion, is considered by many to be the best yo-yoer in the world.
  • In 17th century France, there are reports that General Napoleon Bonaparte and his troops were playing with yo-yos before the battle of Waterloo as a form of stress relief.

National Yo-Yo Day Jokes

  • Why did the yo-yo cross the road?
  • It was walking the dog.

  • What does a yo-yo and life have in common?
  • They have their ups and downs.

  • What goes «buzz… zzub… buzz… zzub?».
  • A bee stuck to a yo-yo.

  • What’s a yo-yo’s favorite weird holiday?
  • National yo-yo day!

  • Patient – «Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I’m a yo-yo».
  • Doctor – «Are you stringing me along?».

  • How does a yo-yo greet another yo-yo?
  • Yo!

National Yo-Yo Day Quotes

  • «People are not yo-yo’s. Don’t keep them on a string, toss them out and then pull them back over and over». Susan Gale
  • «I tried to throw a yo-yo away. It was impossible». Mitch Hedberg

National Yo-Yo Day Destinations

  • Go to a store that sells yo-yos, and buy one. Alternatively, you could purchase a yo-yo online!
  • Take your child or younger brother/sister to the park and teach them how to use a yo-yo.
  • Travel to the National Yo-Yo Museum in Chico, CA.

Alternative titles for this holiday include: International Yo-Yo Day, National YoYo Day, International YoYo Day, Yo-Yo Day and YoYo Day.

When is National Yo-yo Day in 2024?

National Yo-yo Day is observed on June 6 each year.


Thursday June 6 2024
Friday June 6 2025
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