National Yo-yo Day - June 6
Thu, Jun 6, 2024

National Yo-yo Day

National Yo-Yo Day was established on the birthday of Donald F. Duncan, Sr., an American entrepreneur and inventor who founded the Duncan Toys Company. Duncan was not the inventor of the yo-yo, but he is often miscredited with inventing the yo-yo due to his marketing efforts and the fact that Yo-Yo was a trademark of his company from 1930 until 1965. Remember the accomplishments of Donald F. Duncan, Sr. on National Yo-Yo Day!

Celebrate this quirky holiday by buying a yo-yo and teaching yourself some new tricks for beginners on National Yo-Yo Day, such as “Walk the Dog,” “Flying Saucer/UFO,” and “Forward Pass.” If you are already experienced with using yo-yos, try to teach yourself a more challenging trick, such as “Orbit the Leg,” “Brain Twister Mount,” or “Offstring Barrel Roll.” Hold a competition with your friends and see who can claim the title of “National Yo-Yo Day Champion!”

National Yo-Yo Day Fun Facts

  • The yo-yo is the second oldest toy in the world.
  • In Ancient Greece, yo-yos were made of materials such as terracotta, wood, and metal. They were often decorated with pictures of the gods etched into the material.
  • As a rite of passage into adulthood in Ancient Greece, children would place their yo-yos on their family altar.
  • The first yo-yo competition was held in London, England, in 1932.
  • The world’s largest display of yo-yos can be found in Chico, California.
  • The National Yo-Yo Museum houses the world’s largest yo-yo (256 pounds) and the world’s largest display of yo-yos.
  • The highest price ever paid for a yo-yo is $16,029.00, due to the fact that it was signed by former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and presented to country singer Roy Acuff in 1974.
  • Jeffrey Hoffman took the first yo-yo into space aboard the shuttle Atlantis in 1992.
  • Shinji Saito, the eleven-time, double-handed world champion, is considered by many to be the best yo-yoer in the world.
  • In 17th century France, there are reports that General Napoleon Bonaparte and his troops were playing with yo-yos before the Battle of Waterloo as a form of stress relief.

National Yo-Yo Day Jokes

  • Why did the yo-yo cross the road?
  • It was walking the dog.

  • What do a yo-yo and life have in common?
  • They have their ups and downs.

  • What goes “buzz… zzub… buzz… zzub?”
  • A bee stuck to a yo-yo.

  • What’s a yo-yo’s favorite weird holiday?
  • National Yo-Yo Day!

  • Patient – “Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I’m a yo-yo.”
  • Doctor – “Are you stringing me along?”

  • How does a yo-yo greet another yo-yo?
  • Yo!

National Yo-Yo Day Quotes

  • “People are not yo-yos. Don’t keep them on a string, toss them out, and then pull them back over and over.” – Susan Gale
  • “I tried to throw a yo-yo away. It was impossible.” – Mitch Hedberg

National Yo-Yo Day Destinations

  • Go to a store that sells yo-yos and buy one. Alternatively, you could purchase a yo-yo online!
  • Take your child or younger brother/sister to the park and teach them how to use a yo-yo.
  • Travel to the National Yo-Yo Museum in Chico, CA.

Alternative titles for this holiday include: International Yo-Yo Day, National YoYo Day, International YoYo Day, Yo-Yo Day, and YoYo Day.

When is National Yo-Yo Day in 2024?

National Yo-Yo Day is observed on June 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 6 2024
Friday June 6 2025
Saturday June 6 2026
Sunday June 6 2027
Tuesday June 6 2028
Wednesday June 6 2029