National Wildlife Day - September 4
Mon, Sep 4, 2023

National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day is an amazing holiday dedicated to wild, unbridled, diverse nature. September 4 is a great occasion to take a little break from the bustle of the city and its concrete structures, and remember what amazing nature surrounds us. This day appeared on the holiday calendar for a reason; its main mission is to inspire millions of people to direct their efforts to the conservation of wildlife.

History of National Wildlife Day in dates

In March 1872, President Grant, by decree, awarded Yellowstone the status of a national American park. This park was the first in the world with the word ‘National’ in its name. September 1962 saw the publication of the book Silent Spring, which describes the toxic effects of pesticides on the environment. In December 1973, a law was passed that protected numerous species that were on the verge of extinction. National Wildlife Day was celebrated for the first time in 2006, after being established by Colleen Page and dedicated to the famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.

Interesting Facts

  • The volume of water on the planet remains the same, but is constantly being recycled.
  • It is hard to imagine how scientists did this, but they calculated that there are more than 3 trillion trees on the planet, which is more than the stars in the Milky Way.
  • Do you still think bats are blind? Not at all. They use their eyesight to hunt.
  • Just think about it, about 200 species of animals and plants die out on the planet every day, which is 1000 times faster than the usual rate of extinction.

How to take part

Walk more in a park or forest, be in nature. Have family outings or picnics, and let National Wildlife Day inspire you. There are enough organizations in the world that protect wildlife; donate money for their development. Become a volunteer and dedicate a day to collecting garbage.

When is National Wildlife Day in 2023?

National Wildlife Day is observed on September 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 4 2023
Wednesday September 4 2024
Thursday September 4 2025
Friday September 4 2026

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