National Team Manager Day - November 6
Mon, Nov 6, 2023

National Team Manager Day

National Team Manager Day is a holiday that celebrates the often unseen and unrecognized work of the team manager. Every year, on November 6, we recognize the important roles of team managers, who serve as the link between all team players, regardless of the sport, league, or team size. Managers are responsible for a variety of tasks, from raising funds for the team and organizing trips to away matches, to finding sponsors, scheduling, budgeting, renting a room and organizing the training process.


Managers have become a crucial part of any team, be it hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, or gymnastics. They are the unsung heroes, doing difficult and often unseen work, in return for no fame or recognition. It is the manager who keeps the team together, acting as the cement that binds players and coaches. It is the manager’s well-coordinated work that makes the team comfortable and successful.

Interesting facts

  • Managers are often classmates or parents, depending on the level of the sport.
  • They play a key role in the provision of any team, from hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, or gymnastics.
  • Managers are often called unsung heroes, as they do difficult and even dirty work that goes unrecognized.
  • They are the cement that holds players and coaches together and it is their well-coordinated work that helps to ensure the team functions properly.

How to take part

The simplest way to participate is to simply express your gratitude to the manager who holds the team together. Write a congratulatory post on social networks to thank all representatives of this profession. If you know any managers personally, consider offering your help. If you do not play any sport yet, fill out a questionnaire and join a team. If you are unable to play on the field, consider becoming a manager yourself.

When is National Team Manager Day celebrated in 2023?

National Team Manager Day is observed on November 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 6 2023
Wednesday November 6 2024
Thursday November 6 2025
Friday November 6 2026