National Repeal Day - December 5
Mon, Dec 5, 2022

National Repeal Day

National Repeal Day is celebrated on December 5th in America. In 1933, on this day, the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibited the consumption, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages, was repealed. If you like to skip a bottle of beer on the weekend or try a delicious cocktail at a party, join the party!


National Day founded by the Museum of the American Cocktail. This non-profit organization is located in New Orleans, for many years they have been promoting cocktails invented in the United States and preserving historical moments. The founders set themselves the following goals: to honor all those involved in the creation of alcohol, to return to traditions and learn how to enjoy it in moderation.

In the US, there have been many attempts to ban alcohol due to crime. It first happened in the 18th century. The anti-alcohol movement was dominated by Protestants. Over time, restrictions were in effect in some states, then spread to the entire territory of the state. On December 17, 1917, a resolution was passed prohibiting the production, sale and distribution of alcohol. Interestingly, the use was not forbidden, but it was simply impossible to find it.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • the ban did not solve the problem, but added a “headache”. It had a negative impact on the country’s economy, increased the level of organized crime;
  • in those years, corruption reigned in America, underground activities related to alcohol;
  • in the 1920s, cocaine and heroin were dramatically popularized;
  • home-made products were often of poor quality and threatened people with a huge risk to health;
  • dry ban caused a split in society and distrust of the authorities.

How to celebrate

Throw a holiday party, invite your friends and have fun! This can be done both at home and in your favorite pub. Try new cocktails and interesting combinations that alcohol history is so rich in. Learn to drink in moderation and feel good in the morning!

When is National Repeal Day celebrated in 2022?

National Repeal Day is observed on December 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday December 5 2022
Tuesday December 5 2023
Thursday December 5 2024
Friday December 5 2025
Saturday December 5 2026

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