National Punch Day - September 20
Wed, Sep 20, 2023

National Punch Day

National Punch Day is an annual punch celebration. This drink is very popular in the USA, it is loved and made by many people. It is difficult to say what exactly is punch. If you somehow describe the concept, then it implies a kind of cocktail with a fruit component. It is celebrated on September 20th.


Punch is usually prepared and served on holidays, as it is often an alcoholic drink. Its history begins at the end of the 17th century. British navigators of the East India campaign copied this drink from local residents and brought it with them to England. Later, it actively spread throughout Europe and the United States. It was often served at family celebrations and parties.

Today, bars and clubs offer many other cocktails. However, punch continues to enjoy great popularity, which is ensured by a large number of options. Various fruit juices, alcoholic or non-alcoholic base, additional ingredients – punch can be prepared to every taste.

Interesting facts

  • Traditional punch is served in a large glass bowl. Pieces of fruit usually float in the drink. From there, it is poured into glasses.
  • There is an unverified theory about the origin of the name from the Hindi language. The word ‘punch’ was used there, which translates to 5. It is believed punch is so called because its classic recipe includes five ingredients: lemon, sugar, an alcohol base (usually brandy or rum), fruit juice (there are options with tea) and spices (muscat).

How to take part

Visit the best bars in the city with friends to try different types of punch. The best way to celebrate National Punch Day is to make this drink yourself. Use your favorite ingredients. In order to maintain the traditional serving of punch, we recommend purchasing a special glass bowl for the drink.

Share a post on social networks, spreading the word about this holiday. You can also tell us when you first tried punch and what you liked about it.

When is National Punch Day in 2023?

National Punch Day is observed on September 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 20 2023
Friday September 20 2024
Saturday September 20 2025
Sunday September 20 2026

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