National Prosecco Day - August 13
Sun, Aug 13, 2023

National Prosecco Day

National Prosecco Day is dedicated to an Italian sparkling wine. In the US, the drink is one of the most popular. The sweet taste and pleasant aroma instantly captivate people. It is not surprising a holiday was created in its honor, which can be celebrated by a person anywhere in the world. What about you?

The History

The holiday was founded by Riondo Prosecco. The date was not chosen by chance – the hot summer month is the best suited for cozy evenings with loved ones over a glass of sparkling wine.

The wine is named after the village of Prosecco, which in turn takes its name from the grape variety of the same name. The first known mention of the drink dates back to 1593: even then, it was considered the most famous in the country.

Every year, technologies improve so that the final product pleases with an unforgettable taste.

Interesting facts

Interestingly, most drinks are produced as dry wine. However, it contains green apples and melon, which make it moderately sweet.

  • β€ŽLa Vostra Prosecco boasts high scores from people all over the world – on the Internet, this has 4 out of 5 stars.
  • In 2018, over 600 million bottles were produced.
  • The word Prosecco was first used in the book II Roccolo Ditirambo by Aureliano Acanti.
  • The brand is considered one of the most recognizable around the world.
  • The biggest increase in sales occurred in 2008.

How to take part

And here’s the best way to celebrate National Prosecco Day:

  • Gather friends for a noisy party, cook delicious meals, and drink wine;
  • Study the production technology;
  • Go to Italy.

Finally, share the celebration on social media with the hashtag #NationalProseccoDay.β€Ž

When is National Prosecco Day celebrated in 2023?

National Prosecco Day is observed on August 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 13 2023
Tuesday August 13 2024
Wednesday August 13 2025
Thursday August 13 2026

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